Retargeting Part 2: A Newer Approach for Targeting Consumers

Read how the latest approach to retargeting can increase your engagement and sales.


In part one of this series, we touched on the traditional approach of retargeting. We went over how it can be used to learn the behavior and preferences of your target audience. In this second part of the article series, you’ll learn the modern approach to retargeting and how it can increase your sales.


The difference between the two retargeting approaches is quite simple. In the newer tactic, you can target individuals far more precisely than you could with the traditional model. When I say more precisely, I mean that you can identify consumers by specific device within each household of a member of your target audience.


Retargeting in it’s basic definition is when data is collected when you visit a website and an advertisement is served to you based on that data. For example, say you visited a website and then saw an ad for the product on social media. The cookie followed you from the website to your social media thus serving you the ad.


New Retargeting Approach:


Targeting by Devices


Each electronic device you own has a unique IP address. Every smartphone, computer, tablet, etc. has one. This retargeting approach can follow these devices and process the search history from them to determine if any cross over. For instance, if your husband or wife is searching for a new car, then this form of retargeting can push car ads to multiple devices.


The new retargeting strategy is a more proactive way to make more sales because it’s actively searching for potential buyers for you. Along with targeting by device, the retargeting approach of today also relies on prospecting and engagement.



Prospecting sounds like what you think it is. It’s essentially when you partner with an advertising or marketing agency and give them key demographic information about the members of your target audience. Then, the agency will develop a series of banner ads to push out to those consumers.


At Zelen Communications, we always like to collaborate with our clients on developing a creative strategy to engage their consumers.


Our marketing agency can find out which people are engaging with the banner ads by noting who follows the call-to-action (CTA) to your website. After the user clicks on the banner ad, then a cookie is dropped and follows the user around the Internet.


This helps us keep track of the user’s next steps as well as continue to push more ads to them both online and to their personal devices such as their phone.




The new retargeting approach allows you to change your messaging depending on how often a website user visits your site. For instance, if your first message is something to the effect of ‘download this free resource’, then your second message to fuel engagement could be a follow up about the resource or even a survey about how well it worked.


The modern retargeting can offer you a multi-tier approach with accurate timing. New retargeting allows you to push an ad to your target audience in milliseconds. This works by a collection of data about the user’s location, past search history, and if they are considered a potential audience member.


Advantages to New Retargeting 


While the traditional method of retargeting allows you to target based on visiting your site and zip codes, the new retargeting method allows you to target a specific neighborhood or even an individual building. For example, you can target individuals in a building in downtown where you know they have all similar income levels.


Another advantage of the new retargeting methods is that companies are able to take offline locations and pair that with additional data sets. For instance, if you are looking for shoes in a shoe store, a retargeting company can see your IP address is in the store. Since you are in the store and have been searching for shoes online, you would be a great candidate for a shoe ad.


A strategic marketing company, such as Zelen Communications, can run multiple campaigns under this new method of retargeting. We can determine what works best for you. The potential with new retargeting is endless because it can measure the success of past ads. Partner up with an advertising or marketing firm to see these results for yourself.


Which retargeting do you prefer? The older approach or newer, and why?


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