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There is so much hype today about the overarching concept of Internet marketing and how to best position your company on the web for success. What is the best solution and how can you take advantage of this virtual universe? What are the best marketing practices?

At Zelen Communications, we don’t think there is a single silver-bullet solution to this question. The reality is that the whole process is far more complex than just creating a web presence. There needs to be a well thought out strategic plan that fits your company’s needs. From our experience, a 10,000-foot view perspective should be implemented first. What we mean by that is take a giant step back. Take a more global view of a business before planning out the minute details.

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Bigger Picture


When we look at an overall marketing strategy for any of our clients, we need to step back and look at all aspects of their company and how they do business. Are they an Internet-only business with no brick-and-mortar facilities or do they have a physical presence in the form of storefronts that need to be factored into the equation? There is, after all, a huge difference between the two configurations.

A web-only business does not need to concern itself with driving traffic to a store for the purchase process. Instead, they are solely focused on generating traffic to their site for purposes of business transactions. However, a business, such as a restaurant or retail outlet, needs to drive consumers to their stores and their site. The strategy for traffic building is distinctly different for each organization. The key is to be able understand what each client’s needs are and how to best handle them.

Desired Results


Too often, we see firms guiding clients down a path that is not a good fit for them. “If it worked for one company, then it should work for another” is the rationale. That simply is not so and we do not subscribe to that doctrine. Instead, we do our due diligence and research to determine all of the factors that go into each equation in order to get the best possible results. Although it may be more time consuming at the beginning of the process, we are certain that this is completely necessary to achieve a client’s desired results.

Lest we all forget, there are innumerable avenues in the traditional realm of marketing to reach a specific target audience and the Internet, albeit a powerful medium, is not the sole source of connecting with your customers. We approach things a bit differently in that we prefer to look at all forms of communications, and the associated costs, to put together a sound plan that will help our clients to reach their goals in the most cost-effective, yet efficient methods possible. Often there needs to be a hybrid approach between traditional and online components working together to solve the problem at hand.

Here is where we stand apart from online-only firms. Because our roots were set down in the traditional arena of marketing, we understand the power these tactics. These still hold true and we know how to best implement them. The goal is to develop a powerful solution to achieve success. We invite you to join with us to help your business grow in today’s economy. We’ll work closely with you as a partnership for the success we both seek.

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