The Beginner’s Guide to Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing is a strategy that any company, big or small, can use. It helps everyone to push their marketing campaign to the next level.

The idea of integrated marketing is not a new one. However, it is becoming more and more important for businesses to utilize it in order to stay on top of the game. There is so much content existing online now. In addition, there are more and more avenues of marketing opening up every day. In other words, there’s a veritable flood of advertisements that consumers are assaulted by on a daily basis. Therefore, it has become absolutely crucial for a marketing campaign to be clear, concise, and easy for your target audience to interact with. That’s where integrated marketing comes in.


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What Is Integrated Marketing?


Integrated marketing is a strategy that focuses on delivering a consistent and relevant content experience. Aimed at your potential consumers, integrated marketing is across every facet of your campaign. It focuses on creating a holistic experience for your target audience. One that is more personalized than the standard rush of ads they see in their day to day.


In particular, it combines aspects of every kind of media. Be it print, television, or a social media. It focuses on creating a cohesive message across all of those different channels. By presenting this unified front across all your marketing, you make your brand easily recognizable. Plus, you create a story that is memorable to consumers.


How Can You Use It In Your Own Campaigns?


Successfully integrating your various marketing channels and messages can be harder than it sounds. In fact, it requires a lot of data and consistent monitoring of your various content channels in order to determine how effectively your message is being transmitted. A good place to start is with consistent visuals. This means a good logo, a universal color scheme, and a solid brand message.


All of these elements are key to a good marketing campaign. However, just having the basics isn’t going to be enough to ensure success. To really elevate your brand you need to create a coherent story. One in which weaves into all of your marketing efforts across all channels.


You probably remember the Coca Cola ‘share a coke with’ campaign. It featured unified visuals, a strong slogan, and tied the multiple channels together in almost indiscernible ways. Their outdoor and display ads prominently featured the #ShareaCoke tag, which would bring users into a conversation on Twitter. From there users might see other users posing with pictures of Coke bottles that featured their names, and posts from Coca Cola’s official Twitter account that was using the hashtag as well.


Creating these connections that occur organically is the ultimate goal of an integrated marketing campaign, and it can be a highly effective strategy. The ‘share a coke with’ campaign resulted in a 7% increase in Coke consumption and was one of the most successful marketing campaigns the company has ever executed.


Of course, you don’t have to be a huge multinational corporation like Coca Cola to reap the benefits of integrated marketing. Anyone can implement it into their own marketing efforts, and with enough coordinated effort you can reap the benefits in your own advertising campaigns.


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