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Creativity comes in many forms. Our team posesses many forms of creativity. Whether it’s an inspirational campaign, a remarkable marketing strategy or an innovative approach to an old idea, we strive to develop the most effective and break-through ideas to get your product, service or brand noticed. It’s all about leveraging creativity to help you achieve your goals.

creative talents REFINE like a fine wine to offer our clients a SKILLSET unlike any other

We’ve been around for nearly a quarter of a century now and learned a thing or two along the way. Our creative approach to marketing and advertising has matured and is very refined, yet always improving with age. We bring strategic thinking to bear on every project we approach. Our team has a depth of real-word experience that elevates the final cxreative product from a design and strategy viewpoint.

The show must go on...

To all those we work with, and for, we're here to carry on even through these challenging times.

I’m sure you're receiving an overwhelming amount of email notifications these past days, so I will
keep this one very brief.

Our team at Zelen Communications is online and ready to withstand whatever the coming days bring.
We are a team of seasoned professionals and have weathered economic downturns, the 911 tragedy
and numerous hurricanes in our home state of Florida. Through it all, we’re going to make it to the other
side of this latest test of our country’s strength.

We've been prepared to work 100% remotely to keep everyone safe and still assist our clients to avoid
any interruptions in their businesses moving forward. We understand how trying this can be and our
thoughts and prayers go out to all those impacted or affected by this virus. We are stronger together,
even if that means virtually.

We thank all of you who we have collaborated with and look forward to putting this behind us soon.

Kind regards,

The Zelen Team