In today’s highly competitive market, far too many advertising firms forget the most important thing in business: the Customer. It’s not about us. At Tampa advertising company, Zelen Communications, it truly is not about us. It’s all about our clients and how we can assist them in achieving their goals and growing their businesses. If we’re a good partner to our clients, then we, too, will succeed!

Since a major component of our core service is focused on Internet Marketing, we’ve looked at a few web sites along the way. All too often, we see the same thing over and over: companies talking about themselves, their accolades and their accomplishments. We think that’s the opposite of what they should be saying. In this over-crowded marketplace, the consumer is king more so than ever before. It is critical that companies clearly understand this and convey how they can help to fulfill a consumer’s needs. The messaging must address the customer directly and clearly demonstrate how you can solve their problems, without telling them how great your company is. We get it and help our clients to understand it too.

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