Tampa Bay, FL

For over a decade, Zelen Comm has represented a regional medical practice specializing in pulmonary and sleep disorders. The group started with a single location and has since tripled in size through ongoing marketing efforts to increase awareness. The group is very advanced and utilizes cutting edge technologies to improve outcomes for their patients.

Practice Information

  • Offers advanced medical treatments
  • On-site sleep labs for patient care
  • Joint Commission Accredited
  • Specialize in difficult lung disorders
  • Offer latest cancer detection protocols

Through collaborative efforts, the practice and Zelen Comm have developed a long-standing partnership. Our goal has been to build new patient acquisition, improve online presence through SEO and custom website and showcase new services for their patients. The practice uses the most advanced technology available so it’s mission critical that we market these advanced capabilities to draw in more quality patients seeking exceptional medical care for themselves and family members. Healthcare is highly competitive, so the marketing must push the appropriate messaging to their target audiences.


  • Ongoing branding evolution
  • Custom websites for multiple business lines for the group
  • Collateral materials for both patients and referral physicians
  • Chatbot integration for patients
  • Print & digital advertising strategy & creative
  • Digital marketing
  • On-site signage
  • AI integration research
  • Website management
  • eCommerce solution for CPAP product sales direct to patients




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