Twitter For Small Businesses: Keeping Your Feed Relevant

We first saw that little blue bird in 2006 when Twitter first hit the social media scene. More than 10 years later, it is more important than ever for small businesses to update their feeds and keep their Twitter presence relevant. If the social media portion of your search engine optimization strategy has been lagging, consider trying these Twitter techniques.

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Tips for Twitter for Small Businesses:


    1. Make your posts blue. Tag other accounts and use hashtags whenever possible. Not only do these tweets look more official, but they are more likely to reach other users and generate retweets. Just be careful to integrate these tags into your posts rather than tacking them on the end.
    2. Use multimedia. Videos, photos, and gifs are all important for helping your tweet stand out. Users often scroll through their feed quickly, so you want to catch their eye. The best way to use multimedia is to choose branded, relevant content above stock images and videos.
    3. Take advantage of hashtag trends. If a hashtag is trending that relates to your brand, don’t be afraid to jump on board. The users looking at this tag are likely those who would be interested in your brand. Whatever you tweet, be sure to link to your content or include a call to action.
    4. Make changes based on analytics. Twitter analytics are there for a reason. Take advantage of this tool by noticing what types of tweets are performing better than others. If you notice that a certain type of content is not generating much interaction, it may be time to adjust your strategy. Using unsuccessful content will only hurt your search engine optimization.

Mastering your social media marketing is not a full time job. About 74% of marketers reported an increase in web traffic after just six hours per week on social media. Working with a an SEO specialist is another great way to optimize your social feeds as well, as these businesses are acutely aware of industry trends and best practices. By keeping up with social media and SEO trends, you can help your potential customers find your small business in the most organic way possible.

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