5 SEO Trends: Is Your SEO Up To Date?

As technology continues to advance, so do SEO best practices. As web development incorporates mobile web pages, user voice commands, and apps, the SEO industry will need to keep up. While implementing your business’ digital marketing plan, keep this year’s latest SEO trends in mind. Continue reading to learn 5 SEO trends.

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5 SEO Trends:


  • Long-form Content

    While short, easily digestible blog posts are popular, the user experience is often with repeated content. These users are reading the same ideas on multiple pages, none of which have developed the ideas well enough. By including longer, detailed content on your website’s blog as well, you will draw users seeking that unique information. Longer content is also more shareable, as it stands out from other options on the web.

  • Infographics

    Especially if your business is producing technical or data-heavy content, an infographic will widen your audience. These visualizations can make difficult topics more understandable, making it accessible to non-experts in your field. Infographics are also highly shared on other blogs, industry news sites, and social media.

  • Voice Command Optimization

    With the rise of personal electronic assistants such as Siri and Amazon Echo, more users are searching for information, products, and services using their voices. Knowing this, be sure to target keywords that someone would say out loud. For example, in addition to targeting the phrase, “coffee shops in New York City,” be sure to include long tail keywords such as, “Show me coffee shops nearby.”

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages

With 52% of paid search clicks happening on mobile devices, optimizing for mobile is non-optional. Google’s new mobile feature, Accelerated Mobile Pages, or AMP, are basically a new set of rules for building web pages for mobile. In the web development of these pages, developers use a lighter version of HTML and CSS that loads instantly on smartphones. Since these pages are being specifically for mobile devices, the pages load much faster on a mobile device than a desktop page, and thus get priority in Google’s mobile search results.

  • Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is making a comeback as Google prioritizes high quality backlinks. The growth of the global web community has created ample opportunity for audience expansion through collaboration. Posting on relevant industry blogs is a great way to build quality links and reach a wider audience. Again, by creating a high quality blog post, you will increase the number of shares and mentions that the post receives, potentially building more links around the web.

For your business, keeping up with new SEO trends will ensure that your website development and marketing is as current as possible. As these technologies continue to develop, bump yourself in the search results by keeping your eye on further SEO developments.

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