Social Media Marketing and How It Helps Your Business

It’s not a big secret that reviews can make or break a company trying to market on the internet; especially if online efforts are the only way that that business is using to try to get noticed. In the past, these negative reviews had to be approached with an attitude of tolerance. The business owner eventually let them be and continue to work on his business. However, with the advent of social media marketing, there surfaces an easy and accessible way to keep these negative or concerning efforts in check.

By maintaining a good hold on your business’s social media efforts, you can directly respond to negative comments. Of course the best way to do this is not to get into a shouting match online. Instead, respond to any concerns in an earnest and helpful way.

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Social Media Marketing Today


This online technique is in many ways even preferable to former ways of handling media marketing. While businesses today still make public announcements or releases on TV, they can be cold in tone. They can also be overly corporate. Instead, by directly responding, a business can show its warm and personal nature. Concluding your brand appears as a friendly and caring as you want it to be.

How does one go about this? As the core of your online social communications, Twitter and Facebook both can alert your customers to new promotions, events, and contests in an instant. Customers will always be aware of the latest information and efforts coming from your company thanks to the constant and immediate exposure. Also, studies have shown that an individual needs to see a company’s name and get a feel for their communicated personality between seven and nine times before they begin to respond to them. This feat is very easily achievable if you maintain a good online social media presence.




Let’s not forget the long-term benefits of social media communication, either. Companies that frequently communicate with their customers online, enjoy very high loyalty rates among their customers. When someone has the choice between patronizing a brand new company or a company that has helped them out several times in the past, they will always choose the one they are most comfortable and familiar with.

So, in this day and age of break-neck fast competition and evolution, retaining a social media presence and a high level of activity within it remains one of the best ways to illustrate the dynamic and highly pervasive nature of your company.

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