Mobile Marketing: Why You Need Notifications to “Push” Your Customers

Some people just need a little push to get going. Some kind of incentive to lead them in the right direction. This is why more businesses are using push notifications on mobile devices to reach their customers. Like a good, hot cup of coffee in the morning and some useful driving directions, push notifications wake up consumers, alert them of valuable offers and lead them back to your business.

Given the fact that 50% of local searches are from mobile devices, and over 55% of people believe mobile shopping makes their experience more enjoyable, no one can deny that mobile devices are taking over the marketplace. Now coupon clippers are giving way to the newest mobile technology. This allows for the real time notification of your next clearance sale, discount, advertisement, and yes even coupons, delivered directly to the customer’s hand-held device.

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Mobile Marketing Stats:

So are these new, push notifications really successful? These figures boast:

  • Increasing the number of open apps by 540%
  • A three times faster response time over email
  • An increase in sharing by 30% on social media platforms

Do they really reach more customers than more traditional forms of technology, like emails? Yes, they do, push notifications, coupons and specials sent on mobile devices have a 97% opening rate compared to the 4% viewed on emails.


Small Challenges:

Some other statistics point to challenges that small businesses have with this new mobile app and push notification technology. Almost a third don’t understand how to actually begin this kind of mobile marketing strategy. Nearly half point to a lack of time figuring out new technology, and another third perceive expense issues.

I’ll admit it, when I got my new smartphone and tablet in the same week, I was terrified that I would spend days, or perhaps even weeks, figuring them both out. But in the first hour, I was connected wirelessly to the internet, downloading apps, texting and sending emails to friends. They are so user-friendly, using one is just as easy as the other. Businesses need to get over their fear and embrace the newest technology that practically everyone else is using today.

As far as expense is concerned, there are many free and low cost, customizable apps that are also easy to use and understand.


Time Savings For You and Customer Satisfaction for Them:

By successfully utilizing both push notifications and apps, you can cut down on the communication. Such as phone calls, emails and other forms of communications while still keeping your customers engaged.

United Airlines utilizes a mobile app that gives their consumers a wide range of tools to keep them informed, engaged, educated and even entertained. They allow passengers the ability to book flights, check on the frequent flyer miles and select their seat. In addition, scan passports, view maps of flights, check on the weather and look the currency rate in a foreign country. For that extra “push,” United also delivers automatic flight reminders with any updates that are available.

Engaging and entertaining their flyers even further, they offer easy access to Twitter feeds, free game play on Sudoku, and on some devices, access to DirectTV ® listings.

Although this example points to big business, every big company started out small. Lead your company down the path of success, allow your business the ability for growth and give your customers the push that they need.

This is a guest post written by one of our regular contributors –Hilary Smith. Hilary is an online journalist and tech enthusiast living in Chicago, Illinois. In addition to discussing the various components that make a business successful, her writing also covers social media marketing, business communications, and globalization.

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