Tips For Keeping Your Business Brand Consistent On Social Media

When it comes to your digital marketing, the importance of social media cannot be underemphasized.
About 70% of the United States population has a social media profile and over half use two or more social networks. But to get the attention of these users, you need to have a professional social presence. This all starts with keeping a consistent brand. Follow these tips for refining your social brand across all platforms.

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  • Use Identical Logos: Your profile photo should be your logo on all of your social media profiles. Any marketing company will tell you that brand recognition is important, and this is a great place to start. Then be sure to make your logo a central part of your website development.
  • Choose An Editing Style: Freely throwing filters on your photos does not create a professional presence. You need to stay consistent with the tone of your images. The best way to do this is to edit on Photoshop or Lightroom then upload to Instagram, skipping the pre-programmed filters completely.
  • Use The Right Tone: Consider your audience. Will they appreciate light, trendy language or should you be more professional? SEO trends show the success of sticking with one voice. This will help you develop a voice, which your social followers will come to love.
  • Take Color Seriously: Color branding is a powerful tool. Consider your brand;s colors and try to incorporate it in your photos and social profiles. For example, configure your Twitter profile to display in that color and sneak flecks of branded color into your Instagram snaps.
  • Develop A Posting Schedule: SEO trends will change but one rule will stay true: You need to post regularly to build a following. Find the balance between posting often enough to keep attention but not so often that you annoy your followers.

By committing to crafting a consistent brand, you can keep your followers engaged and your content circulating. Brand loyalty and recognition goes a long way, so be sure to foster it constantly. Adjust accordingly until your analytics respond, and then set new goals to reach even further. Your careful attention is what will build your business.

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