Small Business Facebook Page: How To Use SEO For a Boost

Facebook was the most popular social media platform used by small businesses in 2016. Of these small businesses, however, only 6% reported using social media for promotion. This social platform is a great opportunity for businesses, as it boasted over 1.86 billion users at the end of 2016. As any marketing agency would recommend, your business should be crafting your Facebook page for better SEO. Not sure where to start? Follow these simple tricks.

Istanbul, Turkey - December 15, 2018: Person holding a brand new Apple iPhone X with Facebook profile on the screen. Facebook is a social media online service for microblogging and networking, founded in February 4, 2004 - tips for facebook for small businesses.

Small Business Facebook Page Tips:


  • Customize your URL. Once you receive at least 25 likes on your page, you will be able to create a username for your page. This username becomes the page URL. It will end up looking like this “”
  • Distribute keywords throughout. Google will log your page title as your SEO title and your ‘about’ section as your meta description, so make sure that these are clear and well written. Just like you would in a blog post or other materials, integrate keywords in a natural way.
  • Include your contact information. Be sure to add your phone number, email address, mailing address, and other social media accounts to your page. This information will make your page look more reputable to your potential clients and Google.
  • Choose your name well. While it may seem like a small task, naming your page is important to your marketing. Make sure that it is unique and branded. You may have to make it geographically or industry specific depending on what other similar names are out these.
  • Link to your page on other platforms. It is important to integrate all of your platforms for brand visibility, but linking to your Facebook page is also great for SEO. Be sure to add links to your blog posts as well. SEO specialists recommend this trick because Google will prioritize pages with more inbound links.

As more marketing continues to happen on social media, implementing SEO on your social profiles is just as important as on your website. All of these platforms are connected, so think of your digital presence as a web rather than a pyramid. As best practices recommend, be sure to hire a marketing agency or SEO company to analyze your social portfolio. This will bring you one step closer to all of your potential clients.

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