How To Get The Most Out Of Your Google Analytics

You’re working with an SEO company, designing the perfect website, and updating your social media. When it comes to marketing your small business, these are an important combination. With 93% of online experiences starting with a search engine, driving traffic to your website is key. But how can you make sure that your strategies are effective?  By paying attention to your Google Analytics.

These important data sets will show you how your site users are behaving online, pointing out areas for improvement. Use these tips to start getting the most out of Google Analytics and online tools.

Tips on Google Analytics:

  • Pay attention to “visits”

Google’s Visits tool allows you to see which users are new and which are returning. Whether you offer a product or a service, you can get a feel for whether you are building brand loyalty. This is also a great tool to measure how effective your SEO services are, since a high number of new visitors is usually a good sign.

  • Know how long users are spending on your site

You will find this under “Average Time Spent On Site.” This tool allows you to see how long users are clicking around your site and when exactly they click away. By tracking user behavior, you can adjust your web development to make users find what they are looking for efficiently.

  • Look into when people are leaving your page

Now that you know how long people are staying, it’s important to look into when they are leaving. Use the Bounce Rate and Exit Percentage analytics to see what pages people were viewing when they clicked away. You may need to adjust your design to make it more user friendly.

  • Be aware of where your page visitors live

Under the Audience tool, you can look into the demographics that are visiting your site. This information is important because you may need to translate your website into multiple languages to accommodate international visitors. It will also clue you in on how effective your geo-targeted search engine optimization is.

Your SEO company will have more advice on how to analyze user behavior. By striking the right balance between SEO, responsive web design, and effective social media, you can keep your web traffic high. And your revenue should follow.

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