3 Website Development Misconceptions You Can’t Afford to Believe

Regardless of size or industry, every business needs an up-to-date website that’s attractive and easy to navigate. But if you aren’t familiar with business website development or search engine optimization yourself, you might not realize how much work actually goes into these processes. While that’s understandable, your misconceptions about web development can negatively impact your business’s ability to function and grow successfully. We’ll take a closer look at a few of these common misconceptions below.

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Website Development Misconceptions:

MYTH: Websites can be designed and launched in a matter of days

Truth: While there are services that provide easy tools that allow you to DIY your site, these sites don’t provide an excellent user experience. These tactics won’t serve your business well. Some of these DIY options don’t even provide a unique domain name, which is essential for credibility and search engine rankings.

When website development is performed by a professional, the coding, content migration, page building, and testing should naturally take much longer. Keep in mind that this is actually to your advantage. When your developers are thorough, that means your website will provide a great experience across all devices. In addition, it will look equally good to Google. Ultimately, this will help boost your rankings and increase your revenue.


MYTH: Website development templates are never acceptable

Truth: Despite what you may see in advertisements, templates are actually becoming the standard in the web design industry. They work well for business websites that don’t require many custom features. Especially when you can’t afford to spend much time or money on a new site. In many cases, web development experts can utilize a template and still create an original-looking website. However, if your business has more sophisticated digital needs, then you need more than a paint-by-numbers website. For e-commerce companies and larger businesses in particular, a website that’s built just for your business is going to serve you infinitely better. If you need a new website, then it’s time to start looking for website development experts near you.


MYTH: After my site is launched, the process is over

Truth: Good website developers and SEO analysts know that regular updates are key to success online. Because the web is always evolving, your website needs to evolve with it. Whether you need to make changes based on the newest Google algorithm update or you want to get rid of a design feature that has since fallen out of favor, your web developers should maintain and change your site over time. Another part of website development is watching out for broken links and other problems that impact overall user experience. And since your SEO strategy will shift quite a bit as your company grows, these developers will make sure you’re always improving your rankings.

If your business needs a boost, working with a reliable web development and SEO company is a must. After all, 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine. To find out more, contact us today.

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