The Top Web Design Trends

There’s no slowing down innovation and web design trends are no exception. Many web designers are already pushing the envelope and setting trends that seamlessly merge beauty and user experience. Let’s take a look at a few of the major trends making a big impact on web design.

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Web Design Trends:

1: Bold, Prominent Type

Messaging is getting the royal treatment in 2017. More designers are embracing big, bold type that’s prominently above the fold. It looks like design is catching up with that now-clichéd saying: content is king.

The fact that the type is prominent, doesn’t necessarily mean it needs to be huge. It’s more about dedicating prime space above the fold to your main message.

2: More Color. Brighter Color.

The minimalism that dominated 2016 isn’t going away anytime soon, but it is getting a dose of color in 2017. Simple, function-first designs are getting a bold backdrop of bright colors and creative shading to add a layer of design that doesn’t clutter, distract or betray a simple, user-friendly layout.

3: More Animation and Effects

Animation isn’t exactly a new concept in web design, but the tools available to designers today allow for endless experimentation. It’s often the clever and understated animations that captivate users, such as hover effects or beacons. Keep in mind that animation for the sake of animation is never a good idea. The animation you use should always complement and reinforce the brand and message of a website. Bad animation is distracting and feels out of place.

4: Asymmetry

This is an increasingly popular trend for designers who like to experiment and buck convention. Asymmetrical design feature elements that are not traditionally balanced on the left or right side. When done properly, asymmetrical design can be creative and unconventional, but remain balanced.

5: Adaptive Images

Having images that can adapt and look great on any device is a key element of responsive web design. That’s why one of the most important trends of 2017 is the use of adaptive images that scale to fit the size of any screen, be it desktop, tablet, laptop or smartphone. The hot acronym right now is SVG, which stands for scalable vector graphic.

SVGs are what’s known as resolution-independent, which basically means they’ll look great on any device.

6: Designing for Touch

The vast majority of mobile users are visiting websites from a touchscreen device. That means your design elements should not be composed with only the mouse in mind, but how it will interact and scroll with fingers. Don’t house clickable elements so close together that users could accidentally click buttons and navigate to an undesired page.


There are plenty of exciting developments taking place in the field of web design. Implementing any of the trends mentioned in this article or the accompanying infographic provided by the web design experts at My Biz Niche will help you hone your design prowess and learn new skills. Keep your eyes peeled for new trends and developments in mobile-friendly design. Mobile is quickly becoming the dominating force when it comes to surfing the web.

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