The 200 lb. Panda in the room….

Have you noticed a decline in your search engine rankings? Well, the 200 lb. panda is actually Google’s Panda 2.3 and it may be to blame.In July 2011, Google unleashed their latest algorithmic changes to the Panda filter. The goal of this filter is to return high-quality sites to Google searchers by weeding through spammers and content farmers.  According to, a Google spokesperson added “This most recent update is one of the roughly 500 changes we make to our ranking algorithms each year.”

With 500 changes a year to search engine algorithms, how can you ensure your website’s ranking stability? If you properly optimize your site from the beginning, these changes should not have a devastating impact on your rankings. With a few minor tweaks, you will be able to regain your status. Listed below are 3 ways to properly optimize your site to ensure stability in the ever-changing realm of search engines.

Proper Page Development


When designing your site, it is imperative to have a clear path for robots and crawlers to navigate the site. Pay attention to the order in which your pages are placed by topic and content. The easier it is to navigate the site, the easier it is to obtain information from your site.

Content is KING


Writing quality content for your site will always be relevant, no matter how the algorithms change throughout the year. The Panda filter was designed to under-rank sites that have simply copy and pasted content from other sites. Therefore, take the time to write your own unique copy!

Link Building


In recent years, search engines have begun placing more weight on the number of outside links pointing back to your site than any other algorithm feature. This does not include the vast array of directories. While claiming directory listings is beneficial, it is the quality of links that the search engines are looking for. The higher the quality and relevance of the outside site, the higher the score your site will receive.

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