Your SEO Strategy – Pictures are Preferred and Videos are Vital

Ever since social media landed on the scene via various platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine, YouTube, etc.), the word “sharing” has taken on a whole new meaning. The power of social sharing is truly incredible. In just moments, literally, a particular picture or video can go “viral” on the Internet. Naturally, as a result of social sharing’s power, businesses want to incorporate this viral effect into their SEO strategy and advertising plans.

Often times, the videos that end up achieving that viral quality are funny or witty, whether it be accidental or on purpose. It seems logical, therefore, that companies would try to create a humorous video to consumers, with the hope that they find it share-worthy. The flip side to coming up with a funny video is that you must be weary of trying too hard because consumers will notice. In fact, according to recent research, brands should steer clear of the funny factor all together.

Numbers to Know

About 17% of individuals spend less than 5 seconds on a website.

Those same people are willing to watch videos that last up to 2.7 minutes.

The average television commercial is only about 30 – 40 seconds long.

The unique thing about viral videos is that the viewers do half the work. Initially, it is your job as the business to create and launch an appealing video. If consumers like it enough, they will share it across their social media sites, and at no cost to you. The more social sharing that takes place, the better the odds of the video earning the viral title.

Needless to say, a viral video not only enhances brand awareness and attracts new customers, but it can also drive traffic to your company’s website. The benefits of a well-developed video online are undeniable and plentiful, but which companies are doing it best these days? The brands listed below, along with the video that brought them success, did something right in regards to video production:

  1. Samsung – Galaxy S4 Ready For Take Off
  2. Hello Flo – The Camp Gyno
  3. Best Buy – The Back To School Techfitter
  4. Nike – Blake and Drain
  5. Dish – Talk Boston

In regards to any advertising method, it’s always beneficial to view some good and bad examples before moving forward with your own design, development, and delivery. In addition, if you want to release a video on behalf of your brand that obtains viral status, apply the tips below, which also take into consideration the search engine optimization factor of online advertising.

  • Focus on Quality. Keep your audience in mind when planning your video. They are the ones who will determine whether or not your video goes viral.
  • Use Your Words. Optimizing your video is just as important as producing it. Take advantage of keyword research, tags, titles, and publishing a transcript of your video.
  • Utilize YouTube. Post your video on YouTube before embedding it on your website.
  • Create a Sitemap. Making a sitemap improves your search engine visibility and allows viewers to stumble upon your video easier.

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