It’s a Team, Not a Staff – Learn the Difference

No I in Teamwork

So did anyone miss the whole David Letterman fiasco? Of course not, but did you miss what I wrote about last calling your team….STAFF. David Letterman in the many interviews continued to refer to his people, his team, the very people that make it possible for him to be a Successful entertainer, as his STAFF. It was terrible and it truly sounded demeaning.

You want your employees to be happy that they work for you. They are truly your teammates and not a staff member because they are contributing to your success.

Also, keep in mind the attribution that the word “staff” has and how it differs from “teammate”. Teammate has a positive connotation while staff refers to a more generic, negative connotation. If choosing between the two, always go with the more positive option as it will make your team members happy.

Close up view of young business people putting their hands together like a team. It's a team! Stack of hands. Unity and teamwork concept.

Team or Staff?

Of course we can’t forget the other degrading part of his actions, but the rest of you can make your own judgments about those actions. In closing……Never, Ever refer to your team as STAFF. And that is all I have to say about that today.

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