Is Your Restaurant Staff Really Happy?

Is Your Staff Happy?

I never really intended to discuss the wait staff as much as I am, but it appears there is a real need to revisit this topic. So I ask all restaurant owners and managers out there, “Is your restaurant staff really happy?”

Have you ever walked into an office or a meeting and the atmosphere was thick and unpleasant and you just wanted to leave? Make sure that doesn’t happen in your restaurant! If the staff is tense and not happy for whatever reason, your customers will feel it and it will become a part of their experience and that doesn’t help you get them back into your restaurant. No one likes “negative energy”. Yes, there are times when you have to give the staff, of any organization, a very direct and sometimes uncomfortable conversation about your business and what is happening within your four walls. Just make sure your timing is correct and not before your team hits the floor to take care of your most prized possession…Your Customer.

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Radiate Happiness


Before your service team begins waiting on your customers, lighten up the mood. Be happy. Give clear direction about what needs to happen during that day part and move to a positive conversation. Make a joke, ask everyone something they are thankful for that has happened to them recently. Tell them you are very thankful to have them represent your company and reinforce the many contributions they make day in and day out.

Make everyone laugh, give a high five or slap on the back. One of my doctors has an open-gratitude based practice and when you walk into his office everyone is smiling and laughing and it is genuine. Make the experience real for your wait staff and they will make sure it happens for your customers. Remind people to be genuine, smile, be happy and be their for your customers. Pay attention.

You are responsible for creating a happy environment and it only takes one negative person to taint the entire team. Don’t allow that to happen. Do not allow negative thinking or behavior. Set a positive example and they will follow.

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