Is Traditional Advertising Coming to an End?

We don’t think so! Although web design and online marketing make up for the majority of most advertising budgets this year, we still see a need and want for traditional advertising efforts. What qualifies as traditional advertising? Billboards, print ads, direct mail, television commercials, radio advertisements, etc.

In focusing on radio for a minute, according to MediaLife Magazine, radio advertising is proving a steady growth throughout 2012 and will experience a large boost in political money as a result of the upcoming elections.  The average listener hears 12-18 minutes of ads per  hour. While some consumers have opted for ipods, satellite radio, and internet sites like Pandora, radio usage numbers are still up and continue to grow.

Another marketing medium several business have written off is direct mail. Yes, actually receiving something via ‘snail mail.’ There seems to be a misconception when it comes to direct mail. Consumers are telling us they value the mail they receive and look for coupons and ads, now more than ever, as a result of the economy. On the flip side, businesses have this belief that no one checks their mail anymore and that the world solely operates via email. Deliver Magazine discusses a study conducted by ExactTarget, in 2012, where 65 percent of consumers made purchases as a result of direct mail marketing. The survey report states, “In the face of always on-channels like email, SMS and social networks, consumers appreciate direct mail’s tangibility, flexibility and once-a-day pace.”

By no means do we suggest that you neglect digital advertising. Just remember, that while you may think certain traditional advertising practices may have died with the advancement of technology, they are still alive and thriving!

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