Giving Facebook A Face Lift

Facebook has quickly established itself as the dominant player in the social media realm by continuing to develop and introduce new applications and functions. At Zelen Communications, we encourage our clients to partake in this ever-evolving marketing medium to reach out to consumers on a much more personal level. Giving Facebook A Face Lift can be done by developing a Fan page. These pages were developed as unique public profiles established to promote a business, an organization, a musical artist, a brand or just about anything else. By setting up a Fan page, your friends (and those you are not friends with) are able to ‘Like’ and follow your page without having direct access to your personal Facebook profile. It is also a great way to engage in conversation with your target audience, where fans can leave feedback on your ‘wall’ and you can, in turn, respond to them in real time.

With a Fan page, you also have the ability to create customizable tabs. The typical Facebook page provides generic tabs in which to fill in your name, address, phone number, website, and a general description. However, with the help of the FBML application, users can write their own html code to create custom tabs displaying anything from a ‘special offer’ to a newsletter sign up form, to just an overall Welcome tab. The possibilities are truly endless. Although, unless you dabble in the computer programming world in your free time, this task is not as easy as it sounds for the average person. That’s where we, at Zelen Communications, come in!

Visit the Zelen Communications Fan page for examples of customizable tabs.:

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