Can You Still Build Links if Your Blocks are Boring?

No industry is too boring for link building. Granted, some are more popular and competitive than others, but search engine optimization provides an even playing field for every niche to build links. As a matter of fact, the more interesting and popular industries have to deal with the challenge of competitive search terms, which makes it more difficult to improve rankings.

Even if your business is not exactly dynamic and exciting, you still offer products or services of value and can benefit from a well-developed link building strategy. Lucky for you, search engines don’t care if your industry is boring, but they do care about the content you create and the method by which you build links and back links.

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Here are some tips on how to do more with a less interesting industry:

1) Think outside the box:

Advertising and marketing already require a significant amount of creativity, but if your business is in a boring industry then you need to reach even higher levels of creativity. Identify roundabout ways to get noticed and attract new customers, and figure out how to relate trendy and interesting topics to your niche. Your content should reflect this imaginative approach while still offering relevant and quality information.

2) Don’t hesitate to imitate:

Take the time to research competitors or other less interesting industries. Who stands out and why? When you come across a company that has effectively broken through their boring mold, identify the unique traits of their online presence. From there, apply those tactics to your own brand. Mimic the idea but don’t duplicate it exactly.

3) Research is rewarding:

Even the most boring industries can suddenly become interesting when a newsworthy story is published. For example, the majority of people do not have any interest in staying up to date on the HVAC industry. However, if a study determines that a particular type of air filter is harmful to your health, HVAC companies can capitalize on this as a golden opportunity to create useful content as part of their link building campaign.

It is often said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. The same applies to your “boring” business. Instead of viewing your industry as a dull drawback, peel back the layers and highlight the aspects that are interesting.

People go online to search for anything and everything. It is your job to fulfill their search needs, not worry about how boring your industry is. Google does not rank search results based on fascination. They look for quality content that offers useful information. Even the most boring businesses can provide that via link building efforts.


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