Build It and They Won’t Come

There is a story that goes; “If you build it, they will come.” Although this may work for many things, the Internet is not included in this storyline. Once upon a time it may have been true, but that was in the very early days of the Web. Today, it is an entirely different tale. Although anyone can build a website that levels the playing field against much larger and more established businesses, much like the fable of David and Goliath, it isn’t enough anymore to do just that.

If you spend a fortune on your web presence and nobody knows you exist, was the investment a wise one? Likely as not. The problem is simple, when the Internet first was established, there were not many companies that had the vision to see their futures in this brave new world. There are no crystal balls or magic mirrors to show businesses the way of the future, there are only smart companies guided by experts in the field.

Today, the Internet is overwhelming with the sheer number of websites from millions of different companies of all sizes from startup to behemoth. How can one company possibly hope to cast light upon themselves to gain the recognition they desire? Search Engine Optimization or SEO, is the key to unlocking the door. SEO points the search engines to your site by detailing your products, services and your industry. It informs these search bots as to who you are and why you should stand out from the universe of sites that stand in your way from gaining the recognition you desire.

A star is born. You’ve built a site and had the vision to make it unique, informative and inviting. It has the critical information that shows consumers exactly who you are and why they need to consider you for their loyalty and business. However, without SEO playing the leading role in gaining that recognition, your site will be lost in a sea of sameness.

Consider a number of factors when planning your online marketing. Is your site viable in today’s marketplace? Does is contain useful information for your target audience? Will you commit to ongoing development of new content? Can you provide consumers with a compelling reason to return to your site? IF the answer is no to any of these questions, then perhaps you are not ready to make a splash online and be considered for the lead part in your industry.

Like any other worthwhile endeavor, online marketing favors those who are prepared. Prepared to make an investment to success for the long term. SEO requires time, effort and a relentless commitment to ongoing content creation. You must either enlist a agent that can guide you through the process or be willing to go it alone. Either way, it takes focus and vision to get the lead role in the online realm.

So what are the benefits to this endeavor? Fame and fortune? Riches beyond your wildest dreams? Well, maybe, but more realistically, brand awareness and the opportunity for your consumers to at least know you are there for consideration the next time they require something you have to offer. Without knowing you exist, how and why would you stand a chance of getting even a cameo role in their consideration?

So next time you want to build a great website, make certain that you include Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as the means to getting your site into the spotlight.

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