5 Tips for Managing Your Facebook Fan Page


If you decide that Social Media Marketing is the right realm for your business, then creating a Facebook Fan Page for your company should be top priority. However, some find the task of maintaining  and managing your Facebook Fan Page daunting. Listed below are 5 tips for managing your (Company) Fan page in order to establish an active conversation with your consumers or fans:

Facebook main webpage on Google Chrome browser on LCD screen, Managing Your Facebook Fan Page

1) Post at least two to three times per week


Anything less than this would not be considered an active Fan page.

2) Discuss topics other than your business


Your fans do not want to constantly be bombarded with offers and special deals. Strike up a conversation on recent events, other interesting facts about your industry, or give an inside look into your business.

3) Pictures


Who doesn’t like to see pictures, right? Spark a conversation by posting an interesting picture, whether it’s related to your industry or not. Or provide behind-the-scenes photos from an event, trade show, or business trip.

4) Monitor comments


Unfortunately, it is simply not enough to post/start a conversation and then disappear from your Fan page for a few days. The page should be continuously monitored for any comments made by your fans. And you, as an administrator, should be addressing these comments as they are received. Luckily, Facebook provides notifications and will alert you when someone has posted on your Fan page, so you will not need to sit in front of your computer 24/7.

5) Make friends with other businesses


Find Fan pages for other local businesses in your area and ‘Like’ their page. They may provide helpful tips for you and vice versa.

Social Media may be time consuming but with a little organization and a well laid out plan, you can establish a one-on-one connection with your consumers in ways other advertising has never done before.

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