Zelen Creates Stunning Website with State-of-the-Art Animation


The new website that the Zelen Team was hired to design and develop for Brisk Coffee’s long standing Cafe Perez brand is an evolutionary level of a website experience. The site User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UX)  incorporate a story-telling style on the landing page. It represents a leap forward in a cinematic approach to creating a rich user experience incorporating the packaging we developed but also utilizes the immersive scenery of mountains and a coffee plantation. The opening scene of freshly roasted coffee is a close in video of newly roasted beans.

Once the viewer begins to scroll on the stage, the video moves up and away to reveal bold type and a setting of a single package, beans and a cup of steaming espresso coffee on a rich red background. This then transitions into a sunlit mountain scene with a burlap sack of coffee beans. In an unexpected twist, the site changes it’s scrolling from vertical to horizontal, taking the viewer into several new scenes that tell the story of the unique coffee blend.


The site again resumes a vertical scroll into the finale of this home page leaving the visitor wanting to know more.

As breathtaking as this opening page is, the real beauty actually lies behind the scenes. Our team used state-of-the art animation techniques to produce the entire site that animates as you scroll into or back out of any page within. The animations themselves are a seamless, exceedingly smooth and stunningly light and fast. There is no negative affects on the site’s SEO speed or performance which would be the case with traditional animation techniques. The site even works on older browsers that cannot execute such animations by displaying static content so nothing is lost.

If your desire is to make a bold statement on your website, this represents a whole new approach to exceptional design in combination with flawless programming execution.

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