Your Logo Is Not Your Brand: Unveiling the Bold Rebrand of Zelen Communications!

In the fast-paced world of Marketing and Advertising, it was easy to overlook our own brand in favor of client projects. A year and a half ago, I joined Terry Zelen as a business partner, sparking a journey to refresh our agency’s identity. However, this wasn’t just about updating our logo and collateral; we embarked on a comprehensive rebranding process. It was about distilling the essence and culture of our agency. We engaged our entire team in a thorough SWOT analysis. Our team also had many conversations discussing what is essential to our team, how we have put processes in place to scale our team to help even more clients, who our clients are, why they need us, and what we do for them, among many other topics.

Terry’s creative genius translated our discussions and insights into a visually captivating representation of Zelen Communications. Our new logo, collateral, and website reflect not just a visual identity but also our core values, team culture, focus on cutting-edge technology, how we prioritize the needs of our clients, and where we are headed.

At the heart of our brand is our team. We have some fresh faces, a few who have worked alongside us for 8+ years, and even one employee for 20 years. We are a group of inquisitive, lifelong learners, problem solvers, and positive-attitude people who treat the agency and our clients as their own business. Each team member embodies our commitment to excellence and aligns with our culture of collaboration and innovation. We’ve got a saying: “It’s not about us.” Because, really, it’s about your business and your clients.

Our approach to client relationships sets us apart. We don’t just see ourselves as service providers; we become an extension of our clients’ teams. This commitment has led to long-term partnerships, with some clients working with us for over a decade.

Technology has always been integral to our agency. From embracing Mac computers in the early days to leveraging AI today, we’ve consistently stayed at the forefront of innovation. Our new collateral, some of it created using artificial intelligence, and our website with cutting-edge animation technology are a testament to our dedication to embracing new tools and concepts.

Our logo, featuring the prominent Z, symbolizes our agency and close client collaboration. Each client receives a uniquely designed Z representing their company and industry, our personalized approach to their needs, and the fact that they are on our team, too.

Each Z is crafted with the help of AI, reflecting our commitment to innovation and customization. It also reflects that we don’t always follow the traditional “rules” of marketing, instead creating an interactive approach to our craft.

The structure of the Z in our logo depicts the proprietary processes and systems we have developed to ensure smooth project delivery every time. While we have systems in place, our team adds a customized approach to every project, illustrating our motto, “Marketing—Another Way.” We often develop new solutions and tailor strategies to meet our client’s needs.

I’m filled with excitement and anticipation as we look toward the future. With our team of dedicated professionals, I’m confident that Zelen Communications will continue redefining branding and marketing boundaries, shaping the industry one client at a time.

Interested in learning more? Explore our websites at If our culture and style click with yours, reach out, and let’s connect. Give me a call, and let’s start something amazing together.

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