Your Company’s Logins & Passwords: 5 Reasons to Keep Track of Them

Learn the top five reasons why you should keep track of all of your digital accounts.

Every company has several logins and passwords to access research tools, CRMs, newsletter platforms, social media networks, Google My Business (GMB), and more. All of your company’s logins and passwords are essentially the keys to your online business and without access to them, you’re locked out of your digital efforts. Do you have access to all of yours?

In this article, you’ll learn why it’s so important to know all of your company’s logins and passwords and the many critical reasons to keep track of them in one place. No matter what type of industry you’re in, knowing how to access each one of your digital platforms is not a want, it’s a must.

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5 Reasons to Track All of Your Company’s Logins & Passwords:

1. It’s Your Responsibility

Most of the time, the head of the company creates various profiles for digital tools. Or another team member would use the leader’s email as the login. Whatever the case may be, it’s the leader’s (owner of the email address) responsibility to keep track of the various logins. This is because if anything is ever lost or forgotten, a simple password reset can fix the issue.

2. Contributes to Your Flow

Secondly, your business is not stopping for anyone or anything unless of course, you can’t access your various logins. By not having the logins to your digital platforms, it puts a halt on your business efforts. For instance, you would have to track down the email that belongs to the account and have the owner reset your password, which puts a damper on your steady business flow.

3. Makes Digital Marketing Easier

Thirdly, many digital platforms that require a login are for your marketing efforts. You should keep all of your digital marketing logins in one place because it will make your marketing platforms easier to access. Plus, if you decide to partner with a third party marketing agency, you can send them all of your logins and passwords in one step.

4. Keeps You Sane About Your Company’s Logins

You’ll rest easy knowing that all of your various accounts are secure in one easy to access point. But where exactly do you keep this important information? You can’t keep your logins and passwords just anywhere. Here are a few suggestions in which you can securely keep your various accounts:

  • Create an excel spreadsheet with each platform in a row or column
  • Save your account information in a secure file on your server
  • Use one of the several password manager apps out there such as Splikity or LastPass
  • Create an encrypted text document to hold your logins in a secure and protected way

5. Nothing Gets Lost

It happens to everyone: losing or forgetting your email login for a specific website or resource tool. In some cases, you would even have to create a completely new account because you have no idea where to look. But if you had all of your logins saved in a secure file or app, nothing will get lost or forgotten.

In conclusion, it’s very important to know all of your business’s logins and passwords. This is because it helps keep things moving in the right direction, nothing gets lost in the mix and it makes your digital marketing easier to access.

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