Why WordPress?

You need to seriously consider your website’s platform and not take it lightly. In fact, often the first impression of your clients and customers, and determines the functionality of your website. WordPress is one of the most common platforms to build a website, and is the one that we at Zelen Communications prefer to build a site on from scratch. Because it is the most common, it can easily be researched and studied for easy alterations done at your own office, even without a developer.

WordPress is very easy to use. For example, anyone can make adjustments on the platform even without an expert. One benefit Zelen Communications provides after we build a site is basic training on WordPress. Even though we offer this service, managing the site – such as adding a blog post, changing a date or adding photos is no difficult task to do. Another spectacular feature WordPress offers is their excellent content management system, which files all pages and keeps your site organized. WordPress offers a versatile open source for all sites. This platform allows for custom coding on each individual site, something that other platforms do not offer.

In addition, WordPress allows you to optimize pages and posts for a better readability and SEO score. Here at our firm, we use the Yoast SEO plugin to help us with optimizing content. In fact, we use Yoast SEO to improve our own marketing efforts and those marketing efforts for our clients. We have been using Yoast for years and it’s one of the best platforms for SEO.

Whether you are looking to rebuild your site from scratch, or are a brand new company looking to launch your first website, WordPress has a feature every business will be sure to love – it’s free. Many other website platforms have hidden fees and routine costs for maintenance.

It is no secret that WordPress provides many features that other platforms cannot offer such as no cost and being easy to maintain. WordPress is our choice because we know a website is not just a site, but a presence for your company’s brand and culture.