i-Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Mobile Marketing!

By: Kaity Nakagoshi

Small business owners now have more options to get customers’ attention and increase their sales with mobile marketing campaigns adapted for iPads and other tablet devices. There are literally millions of mobile users worldwide and the ability to communicate with them is unlimited. Developing a website that is optimized for mobile marketing, or creating an app, allows a small business to connect with current and prospective customers with ease and in real-time.

What is Mobile Marketing?

Mobile marketing is a method of communicating with consumers through a mobile device. This method of online advertising is especially appealing to customers because of the convenience factor, as well as the instant and interactive platforms. More Internet connections have been established through tablets in recent years than any other platform.

Tablet Talk

There are basically two ways to effectively market your business to consumers using iPads, tablets, and smartphones. The first is to create a website that is compatible with mobile browsers. The second option is to create an application dedicated to tablets and make it available to consumers for free. You will be surprised by the difference an app can make for your business in terms of revenue.

Customer feedback is very important for any and all business matters, so the rule applies here. Design your mobile site or app with your customers in mind so that they actually use it. If you run a newsletter campaign aimed towards tablet owners, you must give them an option to unsubscribe at anytime. No business wants to earn the reputation as a “spammer”.

In addition to the above information about the significance of mobile marketing, consider the following tips, which are based on the marketing trends of this year:

  • Emphasize user-created content. (articles, blog posts, testimonials, reviews, etc.)
  • Take serious advantage of the variety of social media platforms at your disposal. (Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, etc.)
  • Provide coupons via mobile apps or mobile websites because they are redeemed more often than their paper or e-mail counterparts.
  • Increase the number of images you publish, both onsite and off.
  • Remember that YouTube is the second most popular global search engine after Google, which means you need videos.

Without a doubt, mobile marketing has a bright future, especially for small businesses. This online advertising method is not only effective, but also cost efficient. If the only thing standing in the way between you and the millions of mobile users worldwide is your lack of visibility, then change that! Zelen Communications is equipped and ready to establish your mobile presence so that you can start reaping the benefits.

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