Video Brochures for Your Firm: How it Works & its Advantages

Learn how videos brochures function and its many benefits for your business.

Truth be told many people would rather be entertained with a short video than read about your business. The marketing world is advancing to more strategic approaches by incorporating video brochures than relying on traditional approaches like newspapers. In this article, you’ll learn how video brochures function for your firm and its many advantages.

Video Brochures:

Let’s start by explaining what exactly a video brochure is. A video brochure is a hand-assembled card-based marketing piece with either a TFT or LCD screen installed in them. They contain a sound chip as well as a USB storage drive to hold the video content. They play a short video which explains your product or services in detail. Let’s look at your many options for video brochures… 

Size and Activation Options


The video display screen can vary depending on your preferences, but for the most part, they range from 2 inches all the way to 12 inches. Not only does the size of the video brochure depend on your preference, but also how the video plays are up to you as well.

They’re two options for when the video plays: auto-play or button activation. With the auto-play option, the video plays immediately upon opening the brochure. There’s also the option of incorporating a button that once pushed, the video plays. You are able to choose the activation and size of your liking.

How Video Brochures Work for You


The main goal behind video brochures is by giving your audience a first-hand interactive experience into your company or product. It’s a physical item your consumers can hold in their hands to receive a high impact message about your firm. Instead of telling your audience who you are, simply show them with a video brochure.

When it comes to Internet access, video brochures don’t require Wi-Fi. Either opening the brochure with auto-play or pushing the button will begin the video. From my personal experience, many companies prefer to use MP4 file format for uploading their videos because it offers excellent quality, even on a small screen.

Another factor which is up to you is the storage size of the video brochure. It’s important to note that you are not limited to installing just one video. You have the capability of loading multiple videos. The limiting factor is the size of storage you select.

Let’s dive into video brochures many advantages:

Video Brochure Advantages:

  1. Easy to load content

One of the biggest benefits of incorporating video brochures as part of your marketing strategy, is the fact that video content is easily added from a Mac or PC. This allows you to showcase your products and services in a different light. In fact, the smartest way to take advantage of video brochures would be to reload new videos of your products as they become dated.

That way you can continually recycle the video brochures with each new product or service your firm launches. In other words, you are using the video brochure to kill two birds with one stone. These pieces offer you the ability to swap videos as you like. 

  1. Rechargeable batteries

Did you know video brochures are powered by a battery? The type of battery they use is a lithium battery, which comes with the charging cable (a mini USB to USB connection). Make sure to have all of your video brochures fully charged before any big event or even before showing them to a potential client.

Standard battery life is typically 2 hours of continuous play. They come fully charged, but keep in mind lithium batteries slowly drain over time.

  1. Fast delivery for video brochures

Video brochures are easily accessible, and some producers can provide fast delivery. In fact, the high end of production time is about 14 days after artwork approval, plus shipping time. From my personal experience, I’ve had video brochures delivered within two weeks of ordering them. Time will depend on the vendor you choose.

  1. Better than traditional methods

Imagine going to a marketing event and you’re walking around admiring booths, taking business cards and learning more about other thriving companies. You start to collect physical items such as post cards, flyers, and pamphlets which you probably won’t refer back to for days after the event. But then you arrive at a booth for Zelen Communications.

Zelen Communications hands you a video brochure about their company. At that moment, you’re now not only more engaged with us, but you’re also entertained by the video content. You find the video brochure to be more interesting than the physical papers and bring it back to your office to show your coworkers.

Video brochures are sure to stand out and impress your audience more than any other traditional marketing items such as basic flyers and pamphlets. What is your favorite thing about video brochures? Comment your ideas below!

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