The Power of Pinterest

Another social media site? I’ll admit, I was hesitant to explore Pinterest, but after reading about it in several blogs I’ve realized the true power of Pinterest and the potential it can have for both consumers and company brands.

In short, Pinterest is a social media site that allows consumers to post all their favorite things, in the form of images, organized in a pinboard-style format. Consumers can then find and follow friends and/or brands that they are interested in. With categories like DIY & Crafts, Art, Food & Drink, Home Decor, Technology, Travel & Places, just to name a few, the content on this site is endless. There is something for everyone here.

From a brand perspective, Zelen Communications is using Pinterest to connect with consumers and other businesses through a more visual means. Our pinboards include photos and bios of our staff, examples of our design work, such as logo, custom websites, etc. We look forward to creating more boards compiled of inspiring designs, places we would all like to travel, great recipes to try, etc. It is important, as a brand on Pinterest, to develop your company’s personality by not only posting images of your work, but by showing consumers what interests you.

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