Suddenly Drop In The Search Rankings? How To Troubleshoot Your SEO

There is no doubt that quality SEO is central to your business’s online success. Marketing firms know that 93% of online experiences begin with a search engine, and work to help you capitalize in that. So, when customers are looking for a product or service that you offer, you want to consistently rank high. But when your ranking suddenly drops, it can be puzzling. To start investigating the issue, ask yourself or your marketing firm the following questions.

Does your content look like spam?

Even if you’re not doing so intentionally, using black-hat SEO methods can be detrimental to your rankings. If you have too many links saturating multiple low-quality sites, Google will likely catch that. Work with quality SEO services to keep your link building strategy as clean and ethical as possible. You want your links to look natural and appear on high-quality sites. Otherwise, your rankings might take a hit.

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Do you have any duplicate content on the web?

Google’s crawlers are programmed to flag duplicate content, which can hurt your rankings. And this content is not always two versions of the same blog post. If your site has multiple homepage versions hosted on different URLs, this could end up as duplicate content. Be sure to tread carefully if you are building multiple pages. They need to have unique, quality content.

Is your mobile site optimized?

Mobile devices account for about half of search rankings, so it’s essential to keep your mobile site in good shape. If it loads slowly, is not compatible for mobile, or is confusing to navigate, users will click away. This drop in traffic will likely make your rankings inch down.

Did your competition make SEO improvements?

While you look internally, you also might want to look externally. If your competition made any SEO improvements, they might have simply jumped ahead of you in the rankings. While this is discouraging, it just means that you need to up your game and incorporate the latest SEO trends.

Did Google change their algorithm?

While working with marketing firms, Google updates are likely on your radar. But sometimes these updates might slip through the cracks. If you noticed a drastic change in your rankings, take the time to check what Google is up to. They may have become more strict on certain aspects of your SEO.

By working with quality SEO marketing firms and constantly updating your strategy, you can keep your site optimized even as the digital landscape changes. Stay critical and look at your analytics objectively. This will help you make improvements where you might have otherwise missed them.

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