Social Media Moguls: Advancing with Time

At Tampa advertising agency, Zelen Communications, we encourage our clients to utilize current, proven trends; one such way includes becoming Social Media Moguls. Social Media is designed to initiate conversations with consumers by creating content that attracts attention that will, in turn, motivate consumers to pass along to other social networks.

Consumers are more likely to trust a third-party source, such as their peers, as opposed to a message delivered by the brand or company itself. A March 2009 study by Knowledge Networks stated that between 10% and 24% of US social media users turned to social networks when making purchase decisions about various categories of products and services. (eMarketer)

Social Media Moguls Evolving:

“Social Media” has become a buzz-term in the business world, blogs, whitepapers and articles all over the world. In laymen’s terms, Social Media Marketing is exemplified in such sites as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. This new arena of business communications has created a more personal side of marketing by creating a one-to-one conversation directly between companies and their consumers.

The social media phenomenon has opened the doors for both large and small companies to get to know their clientele on a personal level, previously not available via traditional advertising. Personal relationships are the foundation of Social Media Marketing. Through the development of these viral communication paths, new customers can easily find out about you. Plus, your products and services, and how you can potentially help them in their business and personal lives.

Social Media Marketing:

We encourage our clients to participate in Social Media Marketing only if we feel the communication channel makes economic sense. Through social networking sites, such as Facebook, our clients have the opportunity to reach potential customers. They can reach people on both a local and worldwide level at the same cost. The other added benefit is that these new relationships are now one-on-one as opposed to one-to-many. This type of communication allows our clients to receive direct feedback from their customers in a way never before possible. We help our clients tailor a program specifically to fit their business and brand.

If you’re ready to become one of the many social media moguls, let us be your guide.

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