Social Media Marketing: Do you know your Competitors?

Social Media Marketing is one of those things that your business cannot do without. Even if you are a first time entrepreneur making a slow head start, marketing is something that you really have to do to sustain in the tough competitive economy. A proper marketing ensures that customers are able to identify your product in the market and therefore dynamic strategies should be evolved, according to the need of the time and preference of the customers. The strategies include being a part of the changes of the society, in this case the advent of internet age that has slowly become a revolution.

Importance of Social Media Marketing:

Social media is playing a huge and significant role in providing an impetus to the marketers since more than sixty percent people of the world are connected to it. The marketers are realizing its importance and taking it more seriously than ever. There are still many small scale or medium-scale business owners who have not yet taken any significant step in marketing their products through the social media. These people still consider that this medium of communication has evolved from being an online platform for meeting friends and sharing jokes to a powerful platform for showcasing products and marketing them to a worldwide customer base.

Is knowing the Competitor Important?

So for those who have not yet understood the importance of the social media, it is really an imperative media that you will have to adopt for marketing, so why wait for the right time! In other cases, when you are used to these social marketing media, be sure that you know who your competitors are. It is very important for your business since you would regularly have to be updated with their marketing strategies and deduce newer ways to attract customers. It is hence very important for you to know who your competitors are.

Searching for Competitors

Once you understand the importance of the competitors, it is recommended knowing who your actual competitors are. For this you need to visit the website of your competitor and see whether they have any social media icon placed anywhere on their website or not. If they have, it means even you need to place one on your website or you will be left behind from them. Some of the most popular icons are Facebook, Google, twitter and you tube through which customers can share, comment and post regularly about your products and can even be updated about the new services.

You can even see whether they have any icon placed in their other advertising mediums like postcards and all so that if they have you can deduce better strategies from them. A great method to find out your competitors would also be by typing your keywords related to the area of your work or industry in some popular search engine sites. In this way you would be able to locate your competitors. This is even more beneficial since you can easily see the profile of your competitors, see what media they are using and according to that plan out your own strategies.

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