Why Photography Matters For Your Business’s Social Media

Marketing is overwhelmingly visual. And with the rise of social media, sub-par photography just doesn’t cut it. This is why your small business needs to have a base knowledge of photography, allowing you to capture captivating and share-worthy photos every time. But don’t worry — this doesn’t mean that you need the best camera on the market. This guide will teach you why photography matters and how to get the shot right every time.

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Photography Is A Key Social Media Ingredient

While it’s no question that photography is important to your website development and SEO, the photos also matter on social media. It’s true that the average person can get away with iPhone photos and filters, but the same doesn’t go for small businesses. To stand out amongst your competition and establish your brand, your photos should be crisp and bright. And with the right know-how, you can do this with any type of camera.

3 Steps To The Perfect Shot

  1. Lighting: Two people can capture the same photo, yet one can look much better than the other. Why is this? Often, one person is more aware of the light. As a rule, avoid direct sunlight when possible. Soft or shaded light is best when photographing people. While there is a bit more flexibility when capturing objects, try to opt for soft and even natural light whenever possible. Another golden rule of lighting? Keep away from the flash button, especially on your smartphone.
  2. Composition: Pay attention to how the subject sits in the frame. Are they the main focus? Is the rest of the frame too busy? If you are an amateur photographer, get started by following the rule of thirds. To do this, visualize the frame as a grid split into a nine part grid. Then place your main subject on one of the intersections. Once you get comfortable, experiment with breaking this rule.
  3. Post Production: Rather than relying on Instagram filters, purchase an editing program like Adobe Lightroom and process your photos on there. This allows you more flexibility to adjust exposure, contrast, and other elements. This way, your photo can look as professional even if you don’t have professional equipment.

By sticking to these basic principles, your photos can remain a driving force in your social media pages, web development, and SEO strategy. A recent survey found that 74% of brand marketers saw a boost in web traffic after just six hours per week on social media. By taking the time to keep up with your images, you can develop every part of your profiles, including photography. Keep an eye out for SEO trends relating to photography, since these can aid in your image strategy.

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