Richard Rocha, PA, Law Firm Announces New Website

New website speaks to both English and Spanish audiences via prominent language selection tool

Tampa, FL, July 18, 2011 –Criminal defense and personal injury lawyer Richard Rocha, PA, has launched a new website. This websites purpose is to reach individuals who have suffered injuries as a direct result of others’ negligence. The site was developed by Zelen Communications.

In assessing the development of the new site, Mr. Rocha said, “The initial feedback has been tremendous on my first-ever website. Which clearly stands out compared to the hundreds of others out there. Zelen Communications delivered an outstanding product that exceeded my expectations.”

He continues to add that although he knows a web site’s marketing value, he did not know how successful it could be. The new website is driving potential clients to his firm, as well as helping him better explain his firm’s capabilities.

Terry Zelen, president of Zelen Communications, confirmed that this is often the case with his own clients. “A web site is a critical factor in any company’s marketing efforts today, but it is sometimes difficult for them to distill the information to make it appealing to their prospects and clientele. That’s where our years of experience and expertise come into play.”

To accommodate Tampa’s bilingual citizenry, Mr. Rocha’s site visitors have the option to read the information provided in either Spanish or English via a language selection tool, which appears at the top of every page. Brief, user-friendly explanations cover every aspect of the law firm’s expertise, ranging from auto, bicycle and motorcycle accidents to workers compensation, wrongful death, and DUI cases. A short FAQ outlines exactly what one should do at the scene of an accident or when stopped by authorities.

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