What do we mean by currency of the future? Well, in today’s web-centric business environment, consumers are in control of the Internet when it comes to business promotion. In social media, they drive the conversation and demand that companies hear their voices like never before. On sites across the globe, visitors have left their mark by rating products and services for others to read and thereby formulate their buying patterns. They have come to trust the words and recommendations of other like-minded individuals more so than the companies they purchase from. Testimonials have become so important to the online community that they can make or break a business.

At Zelen Communications, we are proud of the relationships we’ve built over the years. Through our Tampa business promotion strategies, we’ve helped our clients to grow their companies and prosper. It’s a win-win situation for everyone. Especially when we work together as partners aligned to achieve a set of predetermined goals.

Nothing speaks louder than the words of our clients that have entrusted us with their businesses. They trusted us with their brands, their futures and marketing endeavors. What could be more rewarding than to have them give us accolades in return for our efforts and talent? In our minds, that’s what it’s all about at the end of the day. Making sure that we have met our client’s expectations and helped them to move their businesses forward.

Here are some statements from a few of our clients that demonstrate the kind of relationships we have with them. We are humbled by their willingness to share with others the partnerships we have built together. If you’re searching for a long-term working relationship with an agency that relates to your business, contact us to find out how we can assist you. Chances are, through our business promotion strategies here in Tampa and across the country, we can help you to move your business in the right direction too. We look forward to hearing from you and learning more about your goals, challenges and customers to see how we can best become a part of your team.

More Testimonials:


"Having worked with Zelen Communications, I can attest to their skill level...they really "get it!""
—Mike Curtin, Partner at The SaleStream
"Thank you Zelen Communications for creating such fantastic banners for our upcoming Trade Show. Excellent service throughout the process and great results! Highly recommend."
—Gordon Weidler, Sales Manager at MARS Company
"Terry Zelen and his staff have been a joy to work with over the years, always responsive and willing to listen to our thoughts and ideas. Whether it was developing our website, creating ads or designing billboards, they have been a wonderful partner in helping to grow Connerton to the beautiful and vibrant community that it is today."
—Joan Staut, Connerton Marketing Consultant
"I've known Terry Zelen for more than 30 years. He is an incredibly talented artist/designer, but also has a great mind for ad copy. Throughout the years Terry, and his team at Zelen Communications have created long lasting logo designs, tag lines, and marketing materials for my company, Rob-Harris Productions, as well as some additional businesses. When working on photo shoots together I'm able to see first hand how great a repore' he develops with his clients. He's patient, decisive, and has a keen eye on what is needed for their brand. I would highly recommend Zelen Communications for website development, advertising, strategic marketing, and help with your online SEO."
—Rob Bovarnick, President of Rob/Harris Productions
"Zelen Communication is a pleasure to work with in every aspect. From Terry, the owner, and all the way through his team, they were kind, courteous, and responsive. They do our website work, social media, marketing, creative and handled every aspect as a high quality, professional firm. I will be sure to use them again on future projects and highly recommend them to anyone requiring services that they offer."
—Steve Wiltse, Founder of New Legacy Homes
"Great team to work with for website development and management! Responsiveness is KEY in the web based world, and Zelen has always made me feel like a priority."
—Alex Taylor, Director of Franchise Development of Relocation Strategies
"Terry and his team have been an absolute joy to work with for many years. We've collaborated on many projects, both personal and for clients, that have been quite successful to say the least. Thankful to be friends with Terry for so long and looking forward to his team thriving in the upcoming years."
—Andrea Cheney, Board Chair of Sustany Foundation
"We have worked and collaborated with Zelen Communications for more than ten years, both for our own business and for many clients. In that time, the team has shown us nothing less than avid enthusiasm, compelling creativity, and, most importantly, extraordinary integrity."
—Kathryn Whitehead, Vice President Meta Marketing, Inc.
"I get compliments on my website all the time. I think it turned out so well because the people at Zelen Communications do one thing spectacularly: they listen. They took the time to understand what my business was all about and what i wanted my website to accomplish. I couldn’t be happier with the result."
—Lonnie Herman, Ybor City Walking Tours
"The highly competent team at Zelen Communications has a real talent for interpreting and simplifying complex issues for consumers to easily understand. They have been a significant asset in our development."
—Steven L. Maskin, MD FACS
"Working with Zelen Communications has been a smart business decision from the start. We have seen an extremely positive response to the new marketing and social media ideas we have put into action. Terry, Kristin, and the Zelen team are not only helpful with our execution but creative and pleasant to work with. I would highly recommend Zelen to anyone looking to improve their business and work with true professionals."
—Taylor Shine Jones, Kirbys Mens Wear
"We were searching for a company to help us develop a touchscreen-based application to allow visitors at our model homes the ability to view and compare all of our floor plans. We have been working with Zelen Communications on a number of other marketing efforts and they were able to deliver exactly what we wanted at a cost below what other companies had proposed."
—Eric Swanson, Creative Director at Arthur Rutenberg Homes, Inc.
"I would definitely recommend SEO to any business owner attempting to reach their target audience. The most exquisite website will not achieve it’s maximum potential without SEO. I finally came to the realization , through Zelen Communications, that SEO is the best way to be in touch with potential clients. I am very pleased with my website design and the SEO efforts of Zelen Communications in marketing my firm to all of my potential clients."
—Richard M. Rocha, PA, Owner & President at Richard M. Rocha, P.A.
"We have had the opportunity to work with Zelen Communications on two different web site programs each utilizing Terry Zelen’s SEO expertise. Both sites were very different as one was B2B and the other B2C. In each case, and without the use of SEM, they appeared regularly on the first page of search results. Zelen understands the various steps that lead to a successful SEO initiative and executes them flawlessly."
—Steve McAuliffe, MIRM, CSP, Owner/Partner at McAuliffe & McCormick, Inc
"Creating a collaborative marketing environment that positions your company as an expert in their industry is just one of many strengths at Zelen Communications. With decades of imaginative experience, Terry Zelen and his team deliver results using technology and multiple resources as a springboard to amplify and energize your brand. Responsive, trusted, connected, motivated—that's the foundation Zelen Communications builds on to get the results you're counting on."
—Margie Martin, Martin Communications
"I have worked closely with Zelen Communications for over four years during which they have been responsible for the advertising for a large "new town"community. They are the most responsive firm I have seen in over 40 years of experience in community building. They have also been instrumental in helping increase sales by over 80% year to date in 2017! I highly recommend them for advertising in today's world, particularly with regard to all types of electronic media."
—Stew Gibbons, President, Gibbons Group
"Terry Zelen is a creative, savvy advertising and marketing dynamo.
This hands-on intellectual has great energy, amazing ideas and excellent written and verbal communication skills. His genuine, collaborative, whip-smart and funny approach breeds respect, loyalty and inspired work while building relationships with his colleagues, vendors and clients alike.

He is a true A-list creative leader with a strategic, clear vision and the ability to motivate a team. From branding, to product marketing, to directing photo sessions, Terry has earned his stripes as a marketer, working his way up the ladder and proving himself at each step along the way.

He has the ability to brainstorm and think “outside the box” so quickly and effortlessly. He is a true visionary, and he would be the first person I would call if I needed to achieve the best marketing results around!

Terry's a great find for anyone looking for top-notch marketing and creative professional."
—John E. Cakes, President of Johnnycakes Bakery
"What a refreshing pleasure it is working with the Zelen team…. .all high caliber experienced professionals who are incredibly responsive and have such a passion for what they do…….with a vast array of experience in our industry they have expertise in the building sector which makes it so much easier because they truly get it. Their breadth of knowledge when it comes to custom website development and overall online marketing expertise including SEO and retargeting keep us at the forefront of technology…we don't think of them as a vendor but as an extension of our team - always going above and beyond in trying to come up with more creative, effective, efficient and innovative ways to help us reach our goals and continue to grow. "
—Reed Williams, President-IH Central