Image SEO: A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, And A Thousand Clicks

The importance of graphics, pictures, and images on a website cannot be understated. When it comes to search engine optimization, many strategies are employed including keyword analysis, link building, the use of social platforms, and image SEO as well. The fact of the matter is that all these are crucial building blocks for a solid well-rounded site. It is also important to note that the Internet is what it is today because of visual representation.

The thing that attracts you to information online, other than the headings, is the visual representation that is used by the websites to make information easier to understand, access, and read. There are many ways you can use images on your website to improve it. Even if you already have images published on your site, don’t be afraid to add more.

Act to Attract

Make sure that your site has an attractive template and overall high quality design. A site that is plain or disorganized will be drudgery to navigate through no matter how valuable the information is. The purpose of your site should determine the layout and design.

Picture Perfect

Having pictures on your site adds tremendous value, as long as you choose images that are relevant, high quality, and the appropriate tags are used. Every article that is published should have an accompanying image that fits well with the topic of the article.

Let’s face it. People like pictures. If upon arriving on your site, visitors are flooded with captivating images, the likelihood of them bouncing from the page decreases. If, however, they see nothing but words and long paragraphs, they will most likely not waste their time. A well-chosen image can inform someone precisely what a particular web page is about before they even read any additional information.

Crowd Pleasers

Taking advantage of design to create attractive pictures, images and videos will pull crowds to your site. This applies to your social media strategy as well. Posting boring pictures and videos concerning your brand on social sites will not pull in interest. The sharing aspect of social platforms makes this especially important because if you post a popular picture, the number of people will see it is limitless.

Interesting and relevant pictures will not only make your brand look good in the eyes of consumers, but also in the eyes of search engines. Just as content is a critical component of a robust search engine optimization strategy, so is image SEO. Basically, you’ve got to post more pics, if you want more clicks!

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