How SEO Services Killed Your Phone Book


How is it possible that the book that could be found in every household, business and phone booth across American is virtually extinct today due to SEO services? That is remarkable enough, but was is even more astonishing is how quickly this took place. What happened?

SEo services

In just a matter of a few years, phone books went from one to none. They were the most coveted forms of advertising businesses. Now SEO is the clear choice. At first, it was just a few forward-thinking souls that saw the coming tidal wave that was the Internet.

As more and more companies read the writing on the wall, the flood gates began to open with SEO.  In fact, the books with pages in the hundreds liken to a novel, quickly became the slimmed down versions that looked more like a short story. Problem is, the story they told was one of companies clinging to the past and not daring to look at the future.

So what caused this huge departure from this media and is it well founded? Let’s look at the differences between their reach in geographic terms. When you purchased an ad in “The Book”, you were able to penetrate every household in the city in which you ran your ad. If you placed your ad in the Tampa, Clearwater or Orlando phone book, you would be able to make consumers aware of your business, products and services within the single city book you placed your ad. In order to reach another city, you would have to take out yet another ad.

SEO and Location

With SEO services however, you can reach a single city, a state, a country and even the world all at once. SEO breaks the all of the geographic barriers because the Internet is available world wide and so is your business. That is, if you have the insight to not just build a website, but the vision to create a sight that is fully optimized and maintained using the proper strategic SEO plan.

It’s not enough anymore to simply put up a website and hope that consumers will find you. Instead, your web presence has to be properly set up to promote your site or it will be lost in a sea of sites that lack any form of proactive promotion.

The second, and perhaps more important difference, is the cost of these promotional avenues. An ad in the phone book could cost thousands of dollars a month for a full page ad. Whereas a SEO fees can be substantially less.

To run a smaller ad in the book it would obviously garner lower fees. However, it also offered less impact to readers. Similarly, either not promoting your site or only performing the minimum amount of SEO practices to your site, will deliver mediocre results in the long run.

Today’s SEO

Given today’s distressed economy, there is no comparison between the two mediums. When you are weighing the benefits between the two, SEO has a world-wide reach. In addition, it offers the ability to promote your business in more than one niche category. Plus, it’s far more cost effective in reaching more potential customers than the phone book ever could. It’s a no brainer when you look at the numbers and the facts.

If you’re looking for the best SEO services, contact us. You have to consider SEO as the most cost effective solution for reaching your target audience today.

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