Hiring the Best SEO Agency: 3 Key Items for What to Look for

Learn about how to pick the best SEO agency for your organization – reviews, proof, and social media.

Running a good SEO program allows your organization to promote your website to numerous customers around the world. While most agencies claim to be “the best”, there are only a few that meet those qualifications. Continue reading to learn what items to look out for when picking the best SEO agency for your business.

the best seo agency

3 Key Items for the Best SEO Agency:

  1. Check Their Reviews

Companies that offer good SEO services are quite hard to find, but some are known for their specific characteristics, which make them a good choice for your business. The first thing to look out for when picking out an SEO agency is their reviews.

Checking your top choices’ reviews can be very telling. The best SEO agencies will have plenty of reviews with great ratings and feedback from real clients. The worst will have very low rating scores with not so nice things said about the agency.

To find a specific SEO company’s reviews, we recommend checking out their Google My Business (GMB) profile and website. In GMB, you can find reviews by searching the name of the specific company in Google’s search bar. Then on the right-hand side, you see Google Reviews in blue. You can also find this through Google Maps.

  1. Proof of Traffic Growth

The next key item to ask about when picking the best SEO company for your business is proof of website traffic growth from their previous and current clients. Since one of SEO’s main goals is to grow website traffic, then this request should be easy to fulfill on the agency side.

Many professional SEO companies will love to share stories of transforming a website’s traffic. Simply ask and most of them will be happy to talk to you about specific case studies. For example, our own personal story is with an outdoor, local retail store.

This local outdoor shop has been one of our SEO clients for more than 10 years and their SEO is unstoppable. In fact, they have outperformed one of their top competitors. This competitor, in particular, is a well-known chain with many locations. It’s amazing how much time with the right techniques can impact your SEO performance.

  1. Social Media Optimizing

Your website isn’t the only thing that can be optimized, your social media profiles can be too. The third key item to look out for when picking the best SEO agency for your business is social media optimization. One of the areas that need to be included in the SEO process is the optimization of social media (SMO).

Social media should be an integral part of your SEO process because it not only gives your website a free and reliable backlink, but it also has serious ties to your directory listings which is very important for local search. SMO allows users to interact with Facebook and Twitter or Instagram more meaningfully than traditional social networks.

Search for qualified professionals, because your website is very important for the success of your company. If you need to choose a search engine optimization agency, you should look for an agency that exceeds your expectations.

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