Videos are taking over the internet and making the biggest impact in various social media platforms, and YouTube is the only platform that solely uses videos. With over 2 million videos watched on YouTube per day, it doesn’t make sense for your business to skip out on this platform. There are various types of videos, from tutorials, reviews, informational and even some solely for entertainment purposes. There are various ways for your business to get into the groove of producing videos and posting them on YouTube.

Videos are an interactive way to get customers to find a brand, and most users stay engaged for a video rather than reading a long description. Customers search for videos of tutorials or simply have something explained to them, or to find more information on a certain product. YouTube videos can also be placed in other platforms too, such as shared on a blog, other social media platforms, or anywhere on the company website, so it can have more than just the use of YouTube and increase the chance of more views.

Google owns YouTube, so simply having an active YouTube account will boost your company’s SEO, but don’t forget to include the company URL on the YouTube profile! YouTube videos rank rather high on Google’s search pages. Both platforms working together will only benefit your business. It makes sense to post all videos on YouTube to get a higher ranking with Google.

Making videos is not a difficult task, and they can be about anything. The length on YouTube can vary, anywhere from 30 seconds to a few hours, depending on your topic and how in depth you want the video to be. YouTube users can subscribe to your channel to be notified when a new video is posted.

Videos should be fun and creative, and an interactive way to reach your target audience. There are more pros than cons when it comes to making company videos, so it really does make sense to take the time to create content to post and share on social platforms. Have fun with videos and start interacting with customers on YouTube.