Pinterest is a social platform that is unlike any other. There are 150 million active accounts, with a majority of the users being female. There are currently 75 billion pins on Pinterest being shared. This platform is a great way to showcase your products in a multitude of images.

Pinterest works in a way that shows ideas – such as home décor, hairstyles, fashion or recipes. Brands can create a Pinterest page with multiple boards, each with their own theme. These boards can showcase the various products, and how they can fit into the average lifestyle.

Pinterest showcases how your products can fit into a customer’s everyday life. The images are more idea focused, so the key is to be creative on how to showcase your product on Pinterest. Pinterest provides inspiration on how to improve one’s life and people pin items they find to be an improvement or enhancement in their life.

Pins can be directly targeted to a specific audience. If someone has been searching for the same topic of pins, your pin can be retargeted to show up in their feed the next time they log in. Pinners are eager to follow their favorite brands and continue to get inspiration from them.

Pinterest is beneficial financially in the long term. Your pins can be shared hundreds of times, and they are there forever. Several Pinterest users even admit to looking back at their pins for inspiration while shopping in store or online.

If your brand is able to show inspiration and improve a lifestyle, Pinterest is the perfect platform to reach your target audience while having your pins recirculated forever.