LinkedIn is known as the professional social media platform. If your business isn’t already on LinkedIn, it needs to be as it is built specifically with a career and business focus. This platform allows your business to connect with other professions and businesses in the area, or around the country, which allows for businesses to learn from each other.

LinkedIn is a platform that allows your business to show off what they do. Brands share their awards, certificates, new hires, expansions or any other big announcement they may have. This is a place to show your credibility and expertise in your field. Posting about business tips, success stories and goals are all valid examples of posts on this site.

Share what your company does in the community on LinkedIn. If you are out and about and busy connecting with other professionals at networking events, post photos and videos at the event. Also share any big project you helped with, any involvement or philanthropic acts you have completed in the community.

Job postings are a great thing to share on LinkedIn. If you are looking for a new employee, LinkedIn should be utilized as several people look for jobs right on LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives users the ability to narrow down a job simply by market or field.

There are 467 million users on LinkedIn looking to see how the businesses interact with their community and looking for their next career. This is a platform that should be utilized by all brands to gain exposure and credibility with other professionals.