Instagram is a social media platform with a focus on pictures and videos, and is owned by Facebook. If you create an ad on Facebook, it is easily incorporated into Instagram as well. Instagram is mostly a mobile platform, with 52% of its users using on a mobile device.

Instagram is a great platform for placing an advertisement, as the platform uses all pictures. This allows the ads to integrate the advertisements directly with the feed. The advertisements will say sponsored, but are unique because they can have a link, where the average post does not direct the user away from the platform. Instagram allows for businesses to choose their target audience by demographics, location or other people/brands they follow.

Stories are a big part of Instagram. Users are able to post a story that is visible to their followers for up to 24 hours. Another new feature to this platform is the ability to post multiple photos in one post, allowing the users to scroll through multiple photos in one post.

Similar to Twitter, hashtags are beneficial on Instagram. Users are able to search for a specific hashtag and scroll through all posts that have used this hashtag. Relevant hashtags allow your potential customers to view your posts.

Instagram has over 500 million users, most of them being millennials. Almost all of these active users are already following a brand and interacting with them in some way, so don’t miss potential clients