Facebook is one of the largest social media platforms with 1.71 billion monthly active users, 1.13 billion daily users and 1.57 billion users on a mobile device. This significant number of active users is proof that a brand Facebook page is a valid investment with the guarantee to find the right target audience.

Facebook is businesses-friendly with the ability to pinpoint a specific target audience by personal interests or demographics. Placing an ad with the proper call to action will help with local awareness, brand awareness and increase sales. Personalized artwork can help draw attention to these ads and increasing impressions and traffic to your website.

Video is becoming a great method for catching the attention of your customers on Facebook. Facebook Live can be a great feature for businesses to utilize. It is a way to announce a new product, share a big event or a company expansion. Facebook Live even lets your followers know when you go live, increasing the chance of viewers by simply using the feature. Even short, edited videos are a great marketing tool that will grab the attention of Facebook users.

Video isn’t the only way to reach your customers on Facebook. Retargeting ads can be specifically created and designed to fit in with the feed of Facebook. Your businesses sponsored post can appear in the news feed of your target audience. If someone goes to your company site, your ad will follow them to their favorite social media platform.

Nearly one-third of Facebook users engage with brands regularly, through reviews and even asking questions. This is a way for brands to interact with their customers and another form of customer service. Letting the public eye see what your company is accomplishing is a great way to get the word out and gather business. Is there a reason not to share your products and services on Facebook?