Quality Content

In regards to SEO, content writing is basically the backbone of search engine optimization. Not only that, but in order to stay competitive, you must consistently produce quality content both on and off site. Search engines have

What makes for good content writing?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to producing and publishing content that is SEO driven, and they include:

  • Topic relevancy
  • Reader friendliness
  • Captivating titles
  • Uniqueness and originality
  • Small paragraphs
  • Sub-titles
  • Bullet points and lists
  • “How-to’s” and tips

It is important to keep in mind that although keywords play a critical role in content creation and SEO in general, if you flood your content with too many keywords, an adverse effect will take place. Search engines can tell the difference between content that maintains focus on a particular topic, and content that is simply stuffed with an unnecessary amount of keywords. To avoid the negative consequences of keyword fluffing, consider the following tips:

  • Use the keyword in the headline, the first paragraph, and the last paragraph
  • Use synonyms to replace excessive use of the keyword
  • Choose different and relevant keyword phrases
  • Bold the keyword when possible
  • Keep keyword phrases concise and comprehensible

These days, content is king, so if you want to produce and publish royalty, you simply cannot ignore the value of quality and consistency. Search engines and site visitors can easily distinguish the difference between mediocre content and superior content. Zelen Communications can provide you with the latter, so that your SEO strategy as a whole is as strong as can be.