What Can SEO Do For You

If you have a website, you may be asking yourself “Why aren’t I getting more sales?” If you aren’t working on your SEO Process and Strategies, your website isn’t performing it’s primary job of getting you:

  • Increased leads
  • More calls coming to your business
  • Increased form fills
  • Increased SALES

It’s time for you to get serious about SEO and drive more people to your website to get more of what you want.

SEO gets more traffic to your website by helping it show more prominently in search results.

Our SEO Process

  • Initial Audit
  • Keyword Research
  • OnPage Optimization
  • Link Building

STEP 1 – Quick Site Analysis + Penalty Check

Firstly, in order to begin SEO work, it’s important to evaluate where your site is now. We perform an online analysis to determine things which may hurt your SEO efforts, such as low-quality links, duplicate content on your site, past penalties, and over-optimization for targeted keywords.

By performing this evaluation, we can determine how much work your site needs, as well as setting some reasonable goals for tracking our progress.


STEP 2 – Keyword Research

Next, we perform keyword research.

We evaluate your website content for the following two strategies:

Easy Wins– Keywords which Google already likes you for, but you aren’t yet in the top 3 positions, where most of the traffic is found. Focusing on these ‘Easy Win’ Keywords will result in more traffic to your site.

Content Gap Analysis– We also look for keywords that your competitors are ranking for and your site is not targeting, yet. We use these keywords to get ideas for new content or to re-optimize existing content.


STEP 3 – On Site Optimization

Thirdly, it’s important that Google knows what your site is about. On Site SEO optimization is about optimizing the content of each page to include keywords and relevant content so the search engines and readers are clear as to what your page is about.


STEP 4 – Link Building

Lastly, links (or Backlinks) which point to a site are one of the most powerful Google ranking signals. In fact, more reputable links from high authority sites, helps give your website greater weight to rank in search engines.

Links are acquired by:

  • Social Profiles
  • Local Directories
  • Guest Posts, and
  • Editorial Placements


What’s Next


Once we have completed our preliminary research, we implement a winning SEO Strategy. For instance, this consists of creating authoritative, keyword optimized content for your site in the form of a blog, obtaining trusted and valued backlinks for your content, and analyzing and reporting your results once a month. Above all, we can get you started on the right foot.

Are you ready to get started?

Contact us today and request a free SEO audit.