Our Reporting Portal

In order to further improve the search engine optimization services we offer, Zelen Communications is pleased to introduce an exciting new feature – the Zelen Client Portal.


The Zelen Client Portal allows clients easy access to all of their monthly SEO reports. The purpose of these is to provide a simple, clean and interactive reporting experience. We have even tapped into Google Analytics to provide you with additional valuable information.


When your new report is ready to be viewed, you will receive an email inviting you to read your interactive report. At first glance, these reports might seem confusing and overwhelming but not to worry. The answers to your questions are literally at your fingertips. If you’re not sure what a particular statistic means, simply hover over it for brief description. You can jump to a specific section using the Report Navigation menu and can easily save a PDF of your report with the click of a button.

Get Started

With the Zelen Client Portal, we give you access to the most important information about the health of your website along with our expert analysis. You will be able to login anytime, anywhere, because the client login is featured on our home page. A personalized username and password will ensure validity and security.