Link Building

Link building is the process by which you obtain links that direct back to your website, with the intention of improving organic search results rankings. Although link building is one of the last steps of your overall SEO strategy, that does not mean it lacks importance. In fact, due to the frequency of Google updates, and the criteria upon which they rank results, it is quite possibly the most important step.

The content on your website could be optimal, and optimized, but unless you carry out quality link building efforts, it is unlikely that search engines will reward you with high rankings. One of the most important things to keep in mind in regards to your link building strategy is that quality reigns over quantity.

Web Directories

Web directories provide an easy source for backlinks. By registering your company name and domain on various online directories, you are also given the opportunity to include a link back to your site with minimal effort and at no cost to you.

Blog Commenting

A relatively quick and easy way to gain links back to your site is to find articles online that are relevant and in your niche. You can then submit a comment in response to the article and insert a link to your website, or sometimes you can even put the link in an anchor text.

Guest Posting

Guest posting refers to the process of submitting quality articles to quality blogs or websites, and getting the article published with a link back to your site. This particular method of link building requires patience, skill, and a lot of attention. If you want a blogger to agree to publish your article, you must not only create something worth reading, but you must also prove yourself as a guest blogger. Spammers are all too common these days.