Landing pages are where PPC advertisements bring customers when they click on an ad. It can be an existing page on the website or a separate page not intact with the website. There are two basic types of landing pages: Lead Generation and Click Through page.

The Lead Generation landing page is most often the page that is separate from the website, although it doesn’t have to be separate. It usually involves a contact-us form, a submission for emails or some sort of way for the company to get an email, phone number, address or other form of contact.

The Click Through landing pages are more commonly the pages that are already on the website. These are great for just providing more information on the product or service, or the company itself. It is important to have a company contact number or email for the customers to reach if they need more information.

Relevancy is important to landing pages as they should provide more detailed information on what the advertisement was about, especially since learning more is why the customer ended up on the page in the first place. If landing pages are not already on the website, they should have a clear direction to the site.

Landing pages should be strong and stand out, as these can make or break a deal with the customer after they clicked on the PPC campaign, and are the second factor, after the PPC ad, to reel in the client. They ultimately should gather information for your business and be a way to contact people already interested in your products or services.